wood fence installation, wood privacy fence

Wood Fence Installation

Here at Mt Pleasant Fence Pros, we specialize in wood fence installation services.  We are the go-to wood fence installer here in Mount Pleasant, SC!  If you have any questions about wood fencing or any other type, you have come to the right place!  Let our skilled team of professionals assist you with all of your fencing needs!

Professional Wood Fence Installation

A high-quality wood fence can completely change the appearance of a home. Wood fencing is timeless and natural, and it truly elevates the appearance of any property. It’s also the ideal form of fence for privacy, and because it’s low-maintenance, you won’t have to invest much time or money once it’s up and running. We have horizontal and vertical wood fence styles to choose from, and we can personalize the fence to meet your demands and budget. Learn why we’re the best Mt. pleasant fence installer for all of your fencing needs!

wood fence installation, wood privacy fence

Our customers like how we approach wood fence replacement and installation in a unique way. Rather than providing the same alternatives to every customer, our creative team collaborates with the homeowner to develop a concept and design that is as complicated or as simple as the customer desires. Simultaneously, we can make recommendations to assist you in deciding which sort of wood fence is appropriate for your commercial or residential site. We can assist you whether you know exactly what you want or need some direction. Here at Mt Pleasant Fence Pros, our collection of Vertical Wooden Fences in Mount Pleasant, SC are some of the most well designed and high quality fences. With the highest quality fasteners, highest quality of wood around, and an exceptional team of wood fence builders, there really is no better place to go than Mt. Pleasant Fence Installer in Mount Pleasant, SC.

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Wood Privacy Fence in Mt. Pleasant, SC

A beautiful backyard might become one of your favorite locations to spend time because to its privacy and solitude. Knowing you can talk, lounge, and hang out without worrying about an overly nosy neighbor is a simple luxury that most homeowners overlook – until they invest in a decent privacy fence, that is. The standard height for wood privacy fence is 6’ high.  Some may even opt for 8’ wood privacy fence.

Having the added benefit of a wood privacy fence can really change the landscape of your yard.  Not only that, but having the quality that every wood privacy deserves is what you can expect from us. We build a variety of fences in the larger Mount Pleasant, SC area at Mt Pleasant Fence Pros. We’re known not only for our high-quality work in the field, but also for giving you the advice you need to make the best decision for your yard and your budget. If you are unsure about anything or want to know more about the most popular wood privacy fence styles, give us a call!

Why You Should Hire Us For Wood Fence Installation

Mt Pleasant Fence Pros is a reputable wood fence provider. Our wooden fences are custom-made and built on-site to ensure the greatest possible appearance in your Mount Pleasant neighborhood. Our skilled installers will come to your home and provide you a free estimate. Our professionals will help you reduce waste by working immediately on-site and providing you with a high-quality wood fence at a cheap price once you’ve decided on the best quality materials from a horizontal style to board on board or shadowbox style.

wood fence installation, wood privacy fence

We strive to give the best customer service of any fencing contractor in the Mount Pleasant area. We will stop at nothing to ensure that you are happy with your high quality wood fence installation, excellent workmanship, and finished fencing project.  If you are unsure of what type of fence, the height, or anything else we would happy to consult you in a direction that works best for your family and property!  Let us show you what makes Mt Pleasant Fence Pros the premier Mount Pleasant fence contractor!

Wood Fence FAQ's

Depending on the material and care, untreated wood fences can stay around anywhere from 4 to 30 years. Hardwoods, such as cedar, last 15 to 30 years, whereas softwoods, such as spruce, last 4 to 7 years. Treated wood has a longer lifespan, with spruce lasting roughly 20 years and cedar lasting 40 years.

To preserve maximum protection and beauty, wood fences should be changed every 15 to 25 years. Leaning is caused by environmental elements such as wind, and moisture from the earth and weather causes rotting and cracking. To extend the life of your wood fence, make sure it’s coated with a preservative that can survive these elements.

Your wood fence installer should offer you materials that are more resistant to rotting or will last longer overall to keep your wood fence from decaying. Cedar and other hardwoods are excellent choices. Your fence business should also be dependable when it comes to proper installation so that your fencing does not come into contact with soil or excess moisture.visitor that you are a good fit for them.

The price of a wood privacy fence ranges varies greatly depending on the type of wood, amount of linear feet, desired style, and if any treatment is to be added. This includes the cost of labor and materials. The best way to get an accurate quote for wood fence installation is to contact us and let our helpful team get your project started!

You can extend the life of your wood fence by having it cleaned every five years to eliminate dirt and mildew that has built up. Additionally, painting and staining your fence helps to seal out moisture and preserve it from deterioration in the long run. In between these maintenance times, inspect your fence once a year for signs of damage. If individual panels and posts are degrading or missing components, they may need to be fixed or replaced to keep the overall quality of the fencing from deteriorating.

Certain types of wood are better for fencing than others. Oak and redwood are more expensive than softwoods, but they last longer. Pine and other soft woods are less expensive, but they are slightly more prone to rotting. The sort of wood that is appropriate for your fence is determined by the aesthetic and style you want to achieve as well as the amount of maintenance you are willing to put in. Consult with a reputable fencing firm to determine the appropriate wood for your needs.