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Chain Link Fence Installation

Are you in need of chain link fence installation in Mt. Pleasant?  Well you have come to the right place!  We also specialize in existing chain link fence repair as well.  Come check out how we can serve all of your Chain link fence installation needs today!

Chain Link Fence Installation Service

Did you know that chain link fence is one of the most common and cost-effective containment solutions? Did you also know it has a long and illustrious history? The original concept was based on textile weaving techniques to weave together strips of wire and was first made in 1844 by Barnard, Bishop & Barnard, an English company. Anchor Fencing imported chain link fence-making machines from Belgium in 1891, bringing chain link to America. We’re delighted to provide updated variations of this robust and time-honored fence material at Mt Pleasant Fence Pros. Let’s take a look at why chain link fence installation has lasted so long in the landscape.

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Chain link is more adaptable than most people realize, and it may be customized. The average height ranges from three to twelve feet. Tennis courts and industrial fencing can be as small as three feet tall, while house fences can be as tall as ten feet. The size of the gauge used for chain link fence installation varies as well. The gauging works like this: The stronger the wire, the smaller the gauge. The most common gauge size ranges from 13 to 6, with 13 being the lightest (for temporary fence) and 6 being the strongest. For residential chain link fence installation, most people opt for 11 gauge. For most commercial applications, the heavier 9 gauge is chosen. The most prevalent material for chain link fences is stainless steel. Another alternative is aluminum, which requires less maintenance and is easier to transport but is not as strong as stainless steel. The required grid size is determined by the purpose of your chain link fence installation. A baseball backstop, for example, necessitates a grid size large enough to hold a baseball. Smaller grid sizes are often more durable and are utilized for higher security and industrial applications. Chain link can be colored polyester, PVC, or vinyl coated. These coatings increase your fence’s UV resistance, limiting corrosion and damage. Color is also possible with coatings; green and black can help a fence blend into the surroundings.

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Benefits Of Chain Link Fence Installation

Since chain link fencing is usually used for containment, privacy is usually not achieved. Similar to iron fencing, chain link fence installation can provide you with security while still remaining open for visibility. However, there is also the option of having both security as well as privacy properties to chain link fence installation. In this cases we can install security slats made of vinyl or painted wood, that would accomplish both tasks. Chain link fence installation therefore has an added benefit of being robust, private and secure!  That is a major benefit for chain link fence installation vs. others. 

When considering what fence type may be good for you and your family, these are important factors to consider.  Here at Mt Pleasant Fence Pros, we want you to have the fence that is perfect for your situation! A major added benefit to chain link fence installation is the amount of maintenance that the homeowner will have.  With chain link fence, there is little to no maintenance!. A simple hosing off and a dab of soap every once in a while will makes it look just like new again. Vinyl wrapping can also be added to chain link fence to make it waterproof.  In this case it will outlast many other fence types. A chain link fence is also a very cost effective choice, especially if you need to fence in a large area. You may also choose to go with chain link fence due to the fact that it is generally easily repairable.  If you are looking for chain link fence repair , we can help there too!  Chain link fence repair vs. installation can be a more economic choice.  Storms can knock out sections of fencing and would warrant the need for chain link fence repair. We are well versed in giving quality solutions that benefit you as the customer, so if you have any questions at all do not hesitate to ask! 

Why You Should Hire Us For Chain Link Fence Repair and Installation

We believe that you can trust us with all of your chain link fence repair and chain link fence installation needs!  This is because our goal at Mt Pleasant Fence Pros is to provide high-quality fence items at a reasonable price. We believe that honesty, hard work, and attention to detail will help us achieve this aim. We will take every measure that you would expect a fence business in Mt. Pleasant to do in order to ensure that mission is completed! Our professional staff will stop at nothing to be the greatest fence business Mount Pleasant has to offer because it is our home too!

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We like bringing your fence projects to life at fence installation Mt. Pleasant! We take pride in being a fence provider that gives excellent service at a reasonable cost! As a result, here are our recommendations for what a fence company should accomplish for you:

  • We feel that a professional Mount Pleasant fence company should only employ the best materials available!
  • Customers’ yards should be treated as if they were their own by a fantastic fence business in Mt. Pleasant!
  • A good fence company in Mount Pleasant, SC should show up on time and do the job as promised.
  • We believe that hiring a good fence provider in Mount Pleasant, SC will increase the value of your home and make it more attractive!

Chain Link Fence FAQ's

Chain link fence installation is usually calculated by a few factors.  These factors include the linear footage of your fence project (the perimeter length around your yard), the style of chain link fencing you would like, the material (aluminum, galvanized steel, or stainless steel), and if there is any added coatings or slats.  Home owners should contact us for a quote to receive an accurate estimate!

Yes!  Chain link fence installation is a popular choice due to the fact that it is has a long life expectancy and has very little maintenance involved.  A simple hose off now and again can keep it looking fresh!

Chain link fence repair services are very cost effective!  Things like storms and hurricanes can knock out sections of fencing in your yard, which may not warrant the need for an entire fence.  A qualified fencing contractor will be able to give you a proper analysis if this is the case.  Luckily for you, we have the skills and experience to give you a proper diagnosis and help you make your decision!

The short answer is yes.  However, due to the fact that typical home owners do not have the necessary industry specific tools and equipment needed to DIY, we would recommend calling a professional who has many years experience and knowledge working with the material. Luckily for you we have both!  We would be glad to give you a quote for all of your chain link fence repair needs!